Presentations from Various Venues

Portland Power Point Presentations
Planning Applications Conference (April 2005) Census Session
Ed Christopher  CTPP Data Issues
Thabet Zakaria Delaware Valley Employment Based on Census Data
Cam McIntosh Itís a New Era:  The American Community Survey (Updated September 15, 2005)
Elaine Murakami  ACS Data Issues(See AMPO presentation below for more recent update)


Portland State University Seminar
Ed and Elaine's CTPP/NHTS power point slides (April 2005).  For a Live "streaming webcast" of the presentation go to or go to PSU's main page and look through the presentations from the last 5 years ( or sit in on the next one.  They happen most every week. 


Elaine's September 2005 AMPO ACS "Data Issues" Presentation (powerpoint slides)
Ed's ACS Stump Speech for the South Carolina "Data Mining" Computer Lab (powerpoint slides), September 2005